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Blue Technology Making Traffic Green

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  • April 2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    BLUE­-BAND is the solution to the needs of the government agencies to make the roadways efficient and safe. BLUE­BAND was founded by experienced transportation specialist who have a passion for creating the solution to the worlds traffic problems.

  • February 2012

    Our Devices were born

    BLUE-­BAND has a patented system that is designed to be both multi­-purpose and modular. The total solution is here! “Blue technology making traffic green” Understanding the effectiveness of Bluetooth wireless technology, BLUE-BAND™ provides a suite of products and services that continually adapt with technological advances in the traffic industry.

  • BLUE-BAND has the Advantage!

    The advantage of BLUE-BAND™ is our ability to leverage a large existing infrastructure of Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously while providing accurate per-vehicle detection in a single non-intrusive hardware unit while leveraging renewable energy for long lasting sustainable power

  • October 2015

    We have it all!

    BLUE-BAND™ has developed a line of products and applications that accomplishes the real-time monitoring and processing of traffic (pedestrian or vehicular) while simultaneously disseminating traffic information to Bluetooth enabled device users.

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