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Setup a detector for a specific application
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This article covers the basics of adding a detector to the collector system and setting it up for a specific application. This article assumes you've already installed the detectors

Traffic Data Collection

  1. Detectors are automatically added to the collector when they broadcast a message
  2. Find the detector in the Device Management page
    1. Device Management > Detectors
    2. In the top left of the detector header, it contains the address. Match this with the detector you installed
  3. Wake the detector
    1. Click on the green "eye" image to wake the detector up
      1. It will begin to flashing purple when it is in the process of waking it up
      2. Move on to the next step while the detector is waking up
    2. If you see a red thumbs down image, you need to troubleshoot your detector before proceeding
  4. Configure detector settings
    1. Click on the "edit" button to modify the configurations for the detector
    2. Under the "Traffic" section
      1. Assign the detector to a lane (you may need to configure these if none are available)
      2. A lane is required to associate data to
    3. [Optional] If you are running two (2) detectors per lane for additional information gathering, then under the "Detector Pairing" section
      1. Choose the address of the second detector from one of the drop downs. Be sure to pick the drop down that represents the position of the second detector.
      2. Leave the position of the detector you're configuring set to "[THIS DETECTOR]"
      3. Enter the "Separation" distance in ft.
        1. This value is based on the measured distance between the two detectors installed in the roadway. It is important that this value is accurate to 1 decimal place, it can affect speed/length accuracy if not correct
      4. Leave "Detection Field Compensation" set to 0. This is an advance setting to only be used in special instances
    4. Click the "Update" button
  5. Navigate to the detectors status page
    1. Click on the detectors header (where it's address and status information is)
  6. The detector should now be awake (indicated by a yellow eye image)
    1. If your detector is still showing the purple flashing eye, check the chat to ensure you are getting messages from the detector
  7. Pair the detector to the collector
    1. Click on "Pair" to pair the detector to your collector
  8. Calibrate the detector
    1. Wait for the area around the detector to have no cars or other metal objects near it
    2. Click on the "Calibrate" button
    3. In chat you should see "det cal" and a reponse with "DET: CAL OK" indicating that the calibration executed
    4. In the detector chat, type "det" and hit "Send" or press enter
    5. You should see "DET: M1:3 M2:0"
    6. If M1 value is above 10, you must calibrate again. Go back to step a.
    7. If M1 is below 10, your detector is ready
  9. Put the detector back to sleep
    1. Click on the yellow eye icon
    2. It should turn green indicating the detector went to sleep

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